Your Desktop Organizer and Productivity Booster

A Fun Working Solution for Your Desktop

With the multiple built-in side compartments in place, simply throw all your work essentials together in Prisma - the coolest and fastest way to keep them uncluttered and at your fingertips.

Flexible and Customizable Organization

Paired with the flexible layout, Prisma is customizable to fit the preference of your work style. Just define your own workspace with Prisma!

Widely Compatible Wireless Fast Charging

Just place your phone horizontally or vertically on Prisma’s surface, and you’ll have your device charged before you know it!

Detachable Portable Hub

Whenever you need, leave Prisma on your desktop and detach the Hub to stay connected on-the-go—with the possibility of connecting your laptop to bigger monitors, or exploring a whole world of connectivity possibilities wherever they are required.